PROJECT: Building Interior Rehabilitation and New Pre-Engineered Building

Client: State of New Jersey

Location: Hackettstown Hatchery
Hackettstown, NJ

Project Goal: The goal of the project was to provide a Visitor Center as a juxtaposition of new and old forms. The shell of the 1910 administration building remains the same, paying homage to the historical fašade. By utilizing an open plan, the space is not permanent. The interior space(s) can freely change both over time and for a multiple of uses. The interior space acts as a Visitor Center and Gallery to tell the story of the daily operation of this fish hatchery.
A new building was built for parking service vehicles. The new building is one story, 4,000 SF, and the site includes a new asphalt parking lot.
Major Materials: Structural steel frame, Insulated metal panels, and concrete masonry units.